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Faded Karaoke: Live Rock At The Cosmo

a man standing on a stage playing instruments

Faded Karaoke: Live Rock Music at The Cosmopolitan

Welcome to The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails, an extraordinary speakeasy tucked away within The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. During the day, it operates as a fully functional barbershop, but when the sun sets,the back room opens into a whisky saloon that sets the stage for unforgettable live rock music experiences. We are thrilled to introduce you to Faded Karaoke, a unique event happening every Tuesday night.

Faded Karaoke at The Barbershop takes the traditional karaoke experience to a whole new level. Here, singers are not just singing to the crowd with their favorite rock songs; they are backed by a talented live band, The Busker Kings. Picture yourself belting out your favorite rock anthems while the atmosphere of the Prohibition era surrounds you.

a person standing on a stage

The Cosmopolitan is known for its unmatched entertainment, and Faded Karaoke is no exception. Rock music enthusiasts can gather at The Barbershop to belt out their favorite tunes alongside a live band, creating a vegas experience and adrenaline-pumping experience like no other. The combination of incredible live rock music and the unique ambiance of The Barbershop is something you won't want to miss.

So, come and reserve your Tuesday night at The Barbershop for Faded Karaoke, where the stage is set, the live band is ready, and you have the chance to rock the night away. It's time to unleash your inner rock star and make memories that will last a lifetime at The Cosmopolitan.

The Barbershop: A True Vegas Experience

The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails is a lowkey gem within The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Behind the unassuming janitor's door lies a swanky hideaway lounge that transports guests back to the Prohibition era. The venue offers live music seven nights a week, with a rotating lineup of bands. Each night features a different rock band and select themed nights, with Tuesdays reserved for Faded Karaoke, a live rock music event. Wednesday nights are country rock for Wild West Wednesdays and Sundays are for All Requests, to find out more to join in any night. The Barbershop also boasts an extensive selection of whiskies, inspired by its live music offerings. Guests can enjoy unique cocktails like the "Six String Sling," made with Suntory Toki whisky and Drambuie, served in a glass with flavored ice shaped like a guitar.

The Barbershop prides itself on its diverse and dynamic live music program. From classic rock to something modern, there's something for everyone's taste. But it's on Tuesdays that the energy really amps up with Faded Karaoke, a live rock music event that gives aspiring rock stars a chance to shine on stage.

Experience the thrill of Faded Karaoke

Faded Karaoke at The Barbershop is not your average karaoke night. Instead of singing along to pre recorded tracks, guests are backed by a talented live band. This unique setup elevates the karaoke experience to new heights, allowing participants to feel like true rockstars for a night.

The Barbershop's commitment to live music extends beyond Faded Karaoke. With a rotating lineup of bands, every visit offers a different musical experience. If you're a fan of live rock music, you're sure to find a night that suits your musical preferences.

While the music takes center stage, The Barbershop also takes pride in its extensive selection of whiskies. Inspired by the Prohibition era, the venue offers a whiskey collection that is sure to delight connoisseurs. From well-known brands to rare finds, there's something for every whiskey lover to enjoy.

A cocktail menu inspired by live music

While our extensive whiskey selection steals the show, The Barbershop also excels in its cocktail creations. From classic cocktails with a twist to inventive new combinations.

To complete the full experience, The Barbershop also offers an array of small bites on its food menu. These delectable offerings are perfect for sharing, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the music and cocktails.

Whether you're a music enthusiast or simply looking for a unique night out, The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails at The Cosmopolitan is the place to be. Step through the unassuming door and be transported to an era of secrecy, where live music, whiskies, and cocktails combine to create an unforgettable night.